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IPod touch finger painting/drawing video Amazing Japanese artist sketches

Amazing pictures created by a Japanese artist using his fingers on an ipod touch

A japanese artist creates amazing paintings, drawings, sketches on his ipod touch using art painting/drawing application and his finger tips.

The artist's name is Seikou Yamaoka, he paints with water colors and oil paints when he is not using his ipod.
He makes beautiful portraits of people- men, women, little children and celebrities.

His kid's paintings in water color are sweet, colorful and adorable. This artist has a truly special touch.

Watch this ipod touch woman drawing/ finger painting video

little girl water color painting japanese artist awesome art

picture: little girl water color painting by a japanese artist Atelier Seikou 

posted: apple ipod touch finger paintings digital pictures drawings sketching Seikou Yamaoka japanese artist Atelier Seikou water color oil paintings people men women  children kids celebrities talent awesome amazing skills 92QV8KTQK2JJ


Funny cute cat cartoons animation Man's life under control

Once there was a cat. He had a Man. The man's name was Simon. The cat's name was Simon's cat.

The cat was a cartoon. The man was almost real.
The cartoon cat was animated. Adorable. Cute. Even funny. The man's life was under control.
The cat who owned the man was very controlling. He was cute though. So he would get away with his cat's antiques any time. The man had no say, the man loved his cat. He would do anything any time, regardless. He loved his life with his cat. And the cat loved it too. Although sometimes it was hard for a cat to control his man. But still, it was pretty awesome and the cat would never complain. If he couldn't get something he needed he would just work harder at it and he would get rewarded at the end.

And he was always proud... and hungry...

You need to watch it to believe it...

Man and cat in bed. video

cute cat pet drawing cartoon man cat room

cute cat pet man room drawing cartoon animated man cat

pic: cute cat pet cartoon. Simon and Simon's cat.

Man is sleeping Cat is playing Fly is flying no more.
Cat makes Simon eat a fly. video

in this post: funny cute cat cartoon animation man pet fun drawings black and white line drawing baw Simon and cat video


Alkali metals n Water Video Chemical reactions experiment Magically owesome

What are Alkali Metals?

Alkali metals are a group of elements with the ability to be highly reactive when they get in contact with water. They are soft and shiny chemical elements that are listed in the periodic table.

Here's a list of alkali metals:
lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium, francium, hydrogen.

Alkali metals are also good conductors of heat and electricity and they are useful for many different applications.

In this video you can see how highly reactive alkali metals are in water.
The almost magical reaction happens with the use of the last element in this experiment.

alkali metals chemical elements collage lithium sodium potassium rubidium caesium francium hydrogen

pic: alkali metals chemical elements collage

in this post: alkali metals reaction with water experiment video magical reaction of chemical elements periodic table lithium sodium potassium rubidium caesium francium hydrogen


How I didn't become psychologist therapist life coach Questions n Answers The whole story

All about how I didn't become a psychologist or therapist or life coach.

May be it was possible for me to become a psychologist or therapist or life coach if I could ever imagine being one, even though I feel like I should at least know why I did not become one or even think of it as a possibility.

I always liked to read everything psychological and could never imagine however or never even thought of or considered doing this as a job and becoming a psychologist. I never wrote something about it ether, I only read what others had to say on this subject and I read a lot of psychological works. I could say I studied it instead of 'read' based on the level of interest that I had in this. Writing about it is something I was curious about for a while, I felt like I'd want to be able to express this strange situation even if it's just for my own understanding, and even if it's just to say why I could never do this professionally.

While I am not a psychotherapist, not even a life coach or a psychologist or anything else in that category I like to talk about this stuff, think about different psychological questions, solutions and all things that are psychology related. May be I'm a hobbyist or may be I'm an amateur psychologist, whatever the case is I have my opinion on a ton of psychological situations, I would just never attempt to become a professional in that area for the reason largely unknown to me regardless how deep I can get trying to solve all kinds of questions, but never knowing how to answer this one.

Why with so much interest in psychology I could never imagine going through some special formal training or trying to earn money for providing this kind of services. This is a little bit of a mystery and I'm not even trying to answer it even if it looks like I am.

Yes, it makes me wonder why I would not try to become a therapist and make a living by being a therapist. Every time that I think I could I know I wouldn't.

I did take college classes in psychology because I was interested in the subject and thought I should take a college class on this to learn more but this was it and a few classes is all I did for this as far as formal education is considered in this particular area.
Everything else I ever try to learn about it was done through readings, watching and talking. I didn't think of it as learning, I just did what I wanted to do and read what I was interested in the most.

therapist life coach psychologist story thoughts sign

pic: My psycho-logical thoughts.
Questions and Answers story

So the furtherest I can go in this is share my views through writing, if somebody likes it and find it valuable that's all right. I could even write more and may even give helpful answers in this area. I just wouldn't sit down with someone and try to solve their problems while getting paid for it at the same time.

I did try to explain this and think why I can't even consider doing this as a business or a job, but I give up and writing about it is my only option to do any kind of moves in that direction. If I write something useful and it helps somebody that is cool and I wouldn't mind answering and trying to solve some questions, all that is fine. As long as it's not an office like visit and I'm not in the position where I would have someone come to me as a client or patient expecting me to have some very special information about some very special things that an ordinary person wouldn't know about, I feel like I'm all right with it.

Often times I spent countless hours with my friends trying to suggest the best solutions for various situations and they expressed their thank-yous and told me those were good suggestions and right ideas that we were coming up with during those discussions. And that was good enough, and I never thought I could be paid for that type of things.

And this is all I can come up with for the moment about why I would not be a psychologist or a therapist or a life coach tonight.

in this post: no emotions story about why and how I did not become a psycjologist or therapist or life coach my thoughts and questions and some of the answers I come up with on this subject


Make low reduced salt vinegar pickles olives capers from canned ones Low sodium recipe

How to take out salt and vinegar from store bought canned pickles, olives, capers.

Make tasty reduced salt and vinegar salads and sandwiches.

Salt and vinegar are great for preserving food. Pickled food can stay edible indefinitely or at list for a very very long time. The only thing is - to eat that food, that has so much salt and vinegar in it that it never spoils is not very pleasant nor good.

Pickles, olives, capers are some of the food that is made with the help of a huge amount of salt and vinegar and using it straight from the can or jar brings all that salt and vinegar into your salad, entrée, sandwich or anything you ad it to or mix it with.

You can always remove excess salt and vinegar from any store bought pickled food and this method that I'm describing bellow is very easy and works well for olives, cucumbers, capers and many other salty vinegary foods.

Cut your olives.

cut green pimento almond olives plate

pic: cut green pimento olives

First you need to drain your pickles or olives or whatever it is that you are using completely and ahead of the time when you intend to use it so that it dries from that brine solution it was in. After you drain them you can cut it in halves or smaller size pieces. Smaller pieces release more vinegar and salt.

Keep your drained pickled foods in a glass jar with a lid in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. You can take out and drain a portion of your pickles only and leave the rest in the brine if you don't use it all at the same time. I noticed that capers or olives keep well for a very long time after being drained. That tells you how much salt and/ or vinegar they have absorbed already while being in the brine solution.

If you want to reduce salt and vinegar even more and make it really low sodium food, just soak your picked items in fresh water for a while then drain the soaking water also. It's best to use cold water for soaking so that it doesn't extract additional flavor from pickles or olives since you are going to discard that water.

Keep the jars with your pickled foods always refrigerated. If you try the water you soaked it in you may be quite surprised how salty/ vinegary it is. You'd never use that water for any dish so no point using your pickles when they are loaded with all that vinegar/ salt.

You can even change the soaking water more than once if it's still too salty. It's not unusual for pickles, olives and especially capers to be preserved in a very strong brine initially, probably much stronger than necessary but it guaranties that the stuff wont spoil for a long time.

almond green olives pickled in salt vinegar cut on plate

pic: pimento and almond olives
take out the vinegar. reduce vinegar and salt in pickled olives

Using salt and vinegar will keep food fresh but you can remove it from food when you're ready to use it. That will make your meal even tastier and fresher.

glass jars salt vinegar pickled green olives

pic: glass jars with green olives
whole olives in brine solution. drained and cut olives

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Baby Wolves cute wild baby animals collage wall paper

Baby wild animals are cute and make you think you can have them as pets.

Although some people try to have wild animals as pets, they don't really make prefect pets when they grow up but they are soft and cuddly when they are small tiny babies. Here are some cute adorable baby wolves pictures made into a collage and wall paper.

To get a large picture just click on the baby wolf collage.

baby wolves small cute wild animals pic image collage wall paper green white photo

pic: baby wolves small cute wild baby animals collage wall paper

in this post: wild baby animals picture collage small cute adorable baby wolves wolf image photo wall paper forest woods grass green grey brown white

Most searched/popular key-words What do people look for online?

What do people look for on the Internet most?
What are the most popular/ most searched words/ keywords on the Web?

The answer is as close as the nearest website. And the nearest website is the one you choose to go next. So if you go to you can see the words that people used more than others all over the world.

most popular key words people search for in the world

pic: what do people search for most on the internet?

Another place you can look at is It gives you more current information as opposed to historical data.
Some things I saw there really surprised me, I'd never search for that. It's an interesting list and if you are into spying on the whole wide web then it's a helpful addition to your arsenal and a tool box.

in this post: what do people search most often popular words keywords topics online web internet information international data list


Get paid to party Write stories about parties Have fun weekend ideas

Getting paid to go to parties is a great idea I came up with on the weekend.

Now I just have to figure out where to go and who would pay me for it.

I was sitting home on the weekend thinking what should I do instead of sitting home.
I could go see my friends and then we could go see more of our friends and that would be great and that is what a lot of normal people do on weekends.

You don't have to be invited to any party to have a party to go to. You can create a party right on the spot if there is enough people who wants to do the same. If there's not enough people you can still have a small party, you can have a party for 4,3,2. The number doesn't matter, it's the idea that counts.
Even a party for 1 is an option.

So far all is cool and I started to think about how I can make it more exiting. Yes, having a party is always good and everyone likes it, so how about getting paid doing what you like?

Getting paid to go to parties is something I heard of and never got to really give the idea enough attention because it just didn't sound too serious. But it kept coming to my mind every once in a while when the party subject was on the agenda.

I gave the idea a little more of my attention this time and this is what showed up.

One place that seemed to fit the bill was They offer you a pay for writing short stories about parties in your city.

They do however want you to live in one of these cities:

Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco
Washington, DC


The French Riviera


Hong Kong

The rest is just as simple as that: apply, get approved, go to a party, write a story, get paid.

No guaranties you'll get the job, but it's a start.

To increase the chances of actually getting paid to party, I looked for some more places.
Next was a bunch of places on the Web that don't offer any information other than the one you can't see unless you buy their book where they promise to tell you everything.
More looking and I found some job boards and ad websites where someone would post an ad for a job opportunity that is serving a main purpose of getting your email by contacting them and it would give you not much info at all.

I didn't want to have a totally partyless weekend so I decided to stop looking for a while and just have a party to have fun with my friends. If I find a place that pays me for going to a party I'll go there of course.

If you already found a way to go to a party and get paid please let me know. May be we can even go the  party that pays together and that would really be fun!

I have an idea to make an instruction manual for those who wants to get paid to party. So far I made a front page for it and I hope to fill it up with more pages when I get more information and hands on experience. You are welcome to contribute to this and I'll make a special 'contributors page' that will have contributors listed on it. Or you can become coauthors, whichever position you think you are best for, you can inform everyone here in the comments.

Have you been to any fun party lately?

get paid make money go to party write review instruction manual

pic: get paid to party instruction manual in the making front page

in this post: get paid to go to party instruction manual front page contribute write stories to get paid to party have fun weekend ideas making money ideas


This's for blog readers to share/post opinions/feedback about this blog

Dear reader. Please share/post your opinions/feedback about this blog here

What do you think? Have you found somethings you wanted?


I'm totally honored to have you come to this blog.
I write about everything here that I find useful or interesting.
And I try to explain things in all the details that I consider being important for the subject I'm describing.

amazing finds feedback comments post

Of course different people have different interests and different levels of knowledge on any particular topic and it would be great if you let me know whether you found exactly what you were looking for or may be it was close, and if it was written in a clear and descriptive way.

It would even be more helpful if you told me how old you are and/or what country you are from or anything really.

Thank you very much for reading and coming to my blog.

I just wrote this post. It's very new and I don't have readers opinions here yet.

Would you be the first one to share your opinion here?

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Keep butter fresh Sandwich ready Easy to spread Save money too

Fresh butter, easy to spread and sandwich ready, and lots of it more, is a good thing for any fridge.

I don't use a lot of butter in my house but when I do, I like to have it fresh, of course, and easy to spread.

I always keep a good amount of butter in my refrigerator so that I don't suddenly run out of it and I never know when I might need it. Sometimes I don't need it for weeks because I might want to use other things in my food like olive or sesame or some other oils, or I might favor some natural mayonnaise for a while or soy sauce and tomato sauce.
Having enough butter on hand if I want to bake some fatty cookies is important also.

If I used butter every day, to always have it soft, sandwich ready and easy to spread I could keep a small piece on the counter, outside of the refrigerator at room temperature but that is not an option because that piece would stand a good chance to go rancid long before I would get to it again.

The simple solution for this situation is to keep all my butter in the freezer except for a small piece that I put in a plastic container with a lid and keep it in the fridge. The container I use is the one I actually reuse, it initially contained some other food that came in it from the food market. It turns out to be just perfect for butter, the glass could possibly get scratched or chipped by the knife.

The important thing here is to cut the butter into small cubes before putting it in the freezer so that a small piece could be taken out whenever needed.
Also this way I can save some money by buying the butter in a bigger size package. It is cheaper per oz or gram and the butter stays good and fresh in the freezer for a really long time.

Another good part in all this, and this is actually the best part besides everything else, that by cutting butter into small cubes/ portions and keeping it in the fridge in that size pieces it makes it very easy to use and spread. It almost instantly gets soft when you take it out of the refrigerator because of the piece's small size. If you want it really soft you only need to wait for a very short time before it gets to that state. A bigger piece would take much longer and you'd stay hungry and angry at that butter that would not be sandwich ready and crumble instead of spreading.

The picture bellow has the butter on it that is left from a 1 lb brick of butter on it's original wrapper and it's kept in the freezer in the same wrapping paper it came in. You can cut the butter right on that paper - less mess, wrap it back and put it in a plastic bag, it keeps the cubes together neatly and they are still easy to separate when frozen.

small fresh frozen butter cubes original wrapping paper

pic: Butter cut into cubes before being put in the freezer.

small fresh sandwich spreadable butter cubes soft plastic container

pic: Soft small cubes of butter in the plastic container that is kept in the refrigerator.

This butter keeping technique is as simple as it is useful.
Amazingly, it serves not one but 4 purposes:

1. Save money on butter
2. Keep butter always fresh
3. Always have a sandwich ready piece of butter
4. Always have lots of butter to bake the fattest cookies you might desire

And now it's time to go make that perfectly buttery sandwich with some whole wheat bread, nutmeg and... nothing else really. Hibiscus tea comes along with it. Or Green tea - that's always welcome too.

in this post: keep butter always fresh easy to spread on sandwich making butter cubes save money by buying big packages of butter using refrigerator freezer plastic containers knife


Avoid whole leaf tea side effects/dangers Warnings Risks Drink it safely like water

Loose whole leaf green, black, white, oolong, pu-erh or any kind of tea is delicious, nutritious, beneficial to people when properly prepared and consumed in moderate amounts but even then there is a real possibility of having side effects or some type of allergy for sensitive individuals.

I know for a fact it is possible to be tea sensitive and it can be lessen or avoided while still drinking your cup of tea on a regular basis.

There are some health risks and dangers associated with drinking any tea and especially japanese green tea called matcha tea which can be avoided if you are aware of it.
Green tea contains caffeine, vitamin k and also fluoride which can cause various problems when consumed in large quantities. Tea can also irritate your stomach which is not the result you'd want to get from drinking it.
This warnings are not usually advertised on tea packages and it helps to be conscious of these abilities of tea to produce undesirable effects on your health and body.

The side effects of green and other teas can be mild or quite heavy, depending on the level of sensitivity and the strength and amount of tea being consumed. You can avoid the tea dangers by experimenting with different ways of making and drinking your tea, while being careful not to drink tea that is too strong and not to drink it in excess.

The purpose of this post is to tell how you can make good green, black, white, oolong, pu-erh tea that is more like 'tea flavored drink' as opposed to regular tea but still has that distinct tea taste and you can sip it throughout the day without being concerned with having some kind of side affects or a negative reaction to it due to many complex nutritional tea properties.

Drinking tea made using the method below would be close to drinking plain water. This tea drink is  not strong at all but it still tastes like tea at the same time.
It's very simple and involves making 'tea drink' rather than 'tea' which is essentially like making your tea much less strong and keeping it cool by putting it in a refrigerator and it has just a few steps to achieve the right results.

Having fresh made instant tea would be another benefit of this method, it works well when you need more convenience for the busy times.

It's also partially decaffeinated even though I only use loose whole leaf tea in it's natural state, not any decaffeinated kind.
I will describe the method a little later here because I would like to explain how I came to this solution and the reasons for it.

Good high quality tea - green, black, white, oolong, pu-erh has been shown to have positive effect on those people who drink it regularly in reasonable amount which can be a few cups a day, it tastes refreshing, uplifting and can even be addictive.

However even a moderate amount of tea a day every or almost every day can have a different effect and it depends on several factors. High quality whole leaf tea and especially green tea and even more specifically Japanese sencha green tea while being beneficial for health is not completely innocent drink in terms of how it may affect different people.

Besides caffeine tea has many other properties that while being beneficial to a lot of people can cause very undesirable reaction in tea sensitive individuals and there's a very large number of those.

When I noticed a clear indication of the presence of those different reactions I started searching for information on it, it was quite surprising and even confusing because of the overpowering amount of the facts that were out there describing only the positive side of drinking teas, green, black, oolong, white or pu-erh.

It was not even possible to find a piece of information that would tell about other effects and I didn't know what to make out of it.
I continued my search and eventually found plenty of proof that it is in fact possible to have a different reaction to drinking tea, green in particular and that validated my concerns and relieved my doubts.

I found that a lot of people experience the same or different side effects from drinking green, black, white or other tea, and most people are trying to drink more green tea due to it's widely known health benefits.

Those side effects from drinking tea are often hard to describe, they have a kind of almost 'not there' nature and yet it's absolutely certainly there. It can vary from a slight discomfort to a very strong and obvious discomfort and may be felt somewhat similar to heavy head or unsettled stomach or something like general felling of being under pressure and low key or something else that is hard to name.

The hard part was that the taste of good whole leaf green, black, oolong, white or pu-erh tea, any high quality tea was something I felt I was almost addicted to so I've experimented with many different ways of making and drinking it.

While doing my search on the tea side effects or allergy I found advises such as not drinking strong tea or not drinking it at certain times of the day or at different times based on the personal conditions.

It's not advisable to drink tea on an empty stomach and neither full stomach due to the acid being produced by the tea which can lead to the stomach being irritated. It's also not a good idea to drink tea close to bed time or in some specific conditions such as when you loose or lost blood because tea is not a suitable food product for that, it can make you more anemic. Also it may not feel and even taste good even if you just have a cold or feel sick.

It can feel different to different individuals but it's a possibility and it can be lessened or avoided.
So for the best results you can drink a few cups between meals and that should cause no side effects.

I wanted to drink tea more often and be less concern with the time of the day or other factors so I devised this method and it seems to be the solution to all that.

I start with the best quality loose whole leaf tea I can find and able to afford. About 1 or 2 big spoons of tea leaves go into a glass and get a hot water bath or a rinse for 15 to 45 seconds depending on the kind of tea. The shortest time is good for Japanese sencha green tea and the longest for strong black tea like Assam. The sencha tea is very raw and delicate so I try to be gentle with it and pour not but almost boiling water over it to give it a rinse/ hot bath.

After that I may even rinse the tea again with room temperature water if I want to take out the residue from the first rinse. The second rinse is immediate and takes just a couple of seconds. The amount of water for both rinses is very small, just enough to cover the leaves in a glass. The water from both rinses gets discarded.

Giving tea a hot rinse makes it much cleaner, tea may have different residue from the production process and also lessens the amount of caffeine in substantial amount.

Any glass or ceramic cup or jar can be used for this tea making recipe.
After the rinse I pour a little larger amount of water over the leaves, the temperature of the water may be a little lover than that at the boiling point for green tea and even a few more bits lower for sencha and I give it about 2 to 4 min before pouring it off into a glass jar.

Any clean glass jar with a lid or a bottle can be used, I like using a jar because it's easier to clean than a bottle.

I repeat this process 2 more times with the steeping/ brewing time shorter than the first one and another 1 last time using just room temperature water.

When pouring steeped tea into a jar and also to pour/ throw out the rinse water I use a small cup size stainless steel strainer in the inverted position in relation to the jar so that all tea leaves stay in the glass and you don't have to move them in and out for multiple steeping/ brewing steps because they don't get collected in the strainer.
At the same time the only thing used for brewing tea this way is the glass so there is no other materials involved such as metal or plastic, no extra parts which can affect the taste and quality of prepared tea.
Using paper or fabric bags to brew tea would be completely unsuitable for making good tasting and good quality tea.

This is how you can hold a cup strainer to pour out tea into a jar and keep the tea leaves inside the glass to use it for multiple brewing process.

whole leaf green black white oolong Pu-erh tea strainer glass

pic: whole leaf tea being strained using stainless stell cup strainer

Steeping high quality green, black, white and especially oolong and pu-erh tea multiple times is perfectly fine and widely used by many people everywhere including tea producing countries like Japan and China even when making just a regular cup of tea.

In the method I'm describing here all tea from 4 step steeping/ brewing goes into one jar to create a multi step mix. After all the steeping is finished I add an almost undetectable amount of citric acid to the jar with tea. Citric acid prevents farther oxidation of the tea while it's being stored in the refrigerator for a day or more. The amount of citric acid I add is so small that it doesn't add any sourness to the taste of tea, it's just a few grains of powder.

Citric acid is sold as a white powder and can be bought in some stores, often ethnic ones. It's close to being a natural product and acts/ used as preservative for food. You don't have to use it but it's an option.

You can also use a very tiny amount of ascorbic acid powder which is sold as vitamin C. Only use pure ascorbic acid powder with no additives.

These two acids, citric and ascorbic, actually also help in digestion of green tea. Lemon can be used but it's hard to make it so that it doesn't alter the taste of tea. If you like the tea taste lemony then of course just use fresh lemon for that.

After all is finished, the jar with a tight lid on it goes into the fridge and consists of very concentrated pure natural fresh tea. You can then take a very small amount of it to mix with a glass of pure fresh water, 1 or 2 spoons of whole leaf tea being used in this preparation can make a few glasses of tea, depending how week or strong you want it to be. I like to make weaker tea so that I can drink it throughout the day and one jar may last for more than 5 times.

Here's a jar of freshly made concentrated tea.

whole leaf green black white oolong Pu-erh tea glass jar

pic: fresh brewed whole leaf tea in a glass jar.
concentrated tea

You can add hot or cold water to this tea, it's your choice.
Cold tea seems to cause no stomach irritation compared to hot tea. If you are tea sensitive you may be able to drink a larger amount of weaker cold green tea with no negative effect.

Even though the tea made using this recipe is a lot weaker than a regular cup of tea the taste of the tea is still there when you drink it between meals and the absence of the taste of other foods makes it more apparent.

So in case of being too sensitive to green, black, white, oolong, Pu-erh, any tea this may be the way to enjoy your tea.
If you are not that sensitive and can drink stronger tea with no side effects you can just use this method and prepare concentrated tea in advance to make 'instant' tea any time.

in this post: make green white black oolong pu-erh tea loose whole leaf tea side effects warnings allergy risk negative effect dangers toxicity hot cold fresh made tea concentrated decaffeinated fresh made tea instant drink


Is the best page on the internet good? One man's website says it has it going on

The best page on the Internet is found!

I came across this web site page while looking for something largely unrelated, a man claims he has the best page in the universe and actually the name of his website boldly states that fact, why be bashful when you can be proud for not even the same but a better price.

Who would mind having the best page in the universe. Not only on the Web, not even on the whole Internet but in The Universe!
And if a man has it why not let the whole universe or at least the whole Earth know that he in fact has that.

So not to confuse anyone and have you keep guessing whether the existence of such page is possible and who is the lucky human to possess such item he takes the straightest approach and simply calls things what they are, which in this instance is Thebestpageintheuniverse.

In case someone wants to know exactly why this site page is called that, and if it's true, they can go straight to the source, it's open to all who has a friendly disposition and they can see right there on the spot for themselves, it explains in no uncertain terms that it is the way it is and you can lose your doubts easily like the trees lose their leaves in the fall with no effort.

The site says it did block some folks from viewing it, but that's because they were rather mean for no good reason, so if you are a good citizen and you know it you should fear not, you'll be welcome, no problem.

If you think the page is not as good as it claims you can inform everyone here in the form of a comment why you think it's not what it says it is, and what are the alternatives and we will promptly compare our notes and update everyone in another post on what else is there that is good.

funny sign pet best web page website small penis hairy back man

pic: the best website page on the internet has been announced. funny pet holding sign
small penis hairy back man says he has it

Note that it's you whos opinion matters most when it comes to deciding what is the best page out there. It can be your own page and whoever wants to disagree they can do that and it will not make your page any less great. Just like this man's page doesn't need anybody's consent, it makes no difference at all whether anyone has the same opinion or not.

So be bold and be proud.

in this post: website name claim the best page on the internet web universe man is proud to have the best page


How to choose the best shaving brush Wetshaver manual. Video

There are lots of shaving brushes out there, choosing the best brush for the purpose may be a serious step toward completing this important procedure to achieve the perfect clean smooth look and feel that comes with skillful shaving.

What kind of brush do you use to shave? And do you even use a brush?

I guess that depends on whether you are a guy or a girl and what exactly you are shaving. Or may be you like electric shavers. In this case you wouldn't even think of using any brush.
But if you are not an electric shaver person then you stand a good chance of being... a Wetshaver.
Obviously, a wetshaver is someone who shaves while keeping the places of shaving interest wet, and if you do so it's best to shave in or after a hot shower which can help reduce irritation and shaving bumps.

Hot water makes skin and hair softer and muscles more relaxed, so you can get that perfect close shave with less effort. Everyone would want to have smooth, soft skin after shaving, without any redness or other unpleasant effects and for that you need to have good tools and keep it in the best condition possible.

A sharp razor, a perfect brush and nice cream are the elements of the shaving success. The brush has to have certain qualities such as being capable of absorbing hot water and then releasing and mixing it with the shaving cream to create a foamy fluffy mix when you move it across your face.

A shaving brush to a wet shaving man is like an artist's brush to an artist.
Here's a video that explains all the details about what to look for and how to choose that wonder brush that can make you a shaving artist.

How to choose the best shaving brush Wetshaver manual. Video

best shaving brush wetshaver man
pic: shaving brushes. wetshaver's choice

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How to upload/post animated/moving gif picture to facebook. Ways to post images

What's up with the animated gif image being posted on facebook? Why is it not animated any more after you upload it?

There are some animated/ moving gif pictures/ images on facebook that you may see in people's albums. In the past it was possible to upload/ post animated pictures on facebook directly to the wall on into one of the albums just like you would upload any other image and it would remain animated in your album and also in the thumbnail in the stream/ news feed or on a person's wall.

moving gif animated black running cat green floor image picture

pic: animated cat moving gif image. black running cat, green floor picture.

This feature was changed a while ago as facebook implements various changes now and then and to many facebook user's seeing animated gif in different places on facebook and not being able to post your own is a mystery they can't solve, well, facebook now just converts all animated pictures to regular flattened ones and there you have it- your cute moving gif picture is flattened and isn't animated any more.

The gif pictures/photos on facebook that are still animated were uploaded to facebook some time ago when it was still possible to do so and they are left intact, in original condition and still work.

Does all this mean you can't post a moving picture/photo on your facebook?
Just recently there was another way, although not quite a direct way to have an animated gif in some places in your facebook. This was possible to do in your facebook notes and you had to apply a little code in the note space rather than just upload an image to facebook.

Although it seems like facebook removed this possibility to include a moving picture in the notes without disabling the 'move factor'  I'm including an instruction here on how to insert an external image in your facebook notes just because it may be useful in some cases to use an external image instead of uploading one directly to your facebook and if facebook makes changes to it's notes' html functionality again this may again start working.

The following also explains how to get the url image location so that it can be used in another method described here that is the closest to posting an animated gif image on facebook.

How to include an external image in the facebook note: Chose any free or any image host on the internet that allows to hotlink an uploaded image and upload your moving/ animated gif or any image to that host. Hotlinking an image means that you link to the image on the host from any other place on the web. You will link directly to the location of the image, not just to any page that displays that image and belongs to that host.

Let's say you upload your image to Get the url of the image location and put it in this code.

<img src="http://myimagelocation.gif" />

Replace the phrase -- http://myimagelocation.gif -- in the code with the url address of your image.

On photobucket for instance you can get the url address of the image right from your photobucket page that displays that image by clicking 'share'.
Otherwise you can right click on the image and choose something like 'image location', the exact wording for that option in the right click menu would depend on the browser that you are using and you can get the url of the image this way.

In Internet Explore for example the right click menu would have the word 'properties', it's the last one of the options, and you can copy the url address of your image after you click on 'properties' first.

After constructing the above mentioned code using your own image location copy and paste the completed code into your facebook note in the place where you want your image to go.

Once you create a note with your external picture included in it, the note with the image thumbnail will show up in your facebook stream and the news feeds of your friends after you publish it and any time later if you repost that note's page on your wall or on your friends wall.

So what can we do now to somehow get an animated gif image/photo posted on facebook in some form?
The closest to this would be to use the url address of your desired image that you can get by following the instruction above and make a post with that url on your wall or your facebook homepage, this will show the thumbnail of the image and when you or someone else clicks on the image thumbnail it will bring up the page where the image is hosted and this page will show the original animated gif picture in it's fully functional animated form.

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Solar Electric Car Kit Build affordable Eco friendly vehicle

How would you like to build your own affordable solar electric car?

This kind of vehicle can be pretty expensive to buy if you can't build it yourself. So if you want to have one you better start working on it next weekend.

Yes, you can build your own solar car, thanks to Art Haines' SUNN solar car kit which cost around $6,600 plus you'll have to buy batteries or solar panels separate on top of that.

The car can go up to 35 MPH and of course it's street legal with all the necessary components like windshield wiper, disc brakes, seat belts, turn signals and lights.
Once you properly assemble your solar electric vehicle you'll need to insure it which can be done after submitting a form and getting a VIN number to specially built or homemade cars and registering it as a low speed electric vehicle.

The cost of energy per mile in case you recharge it by plugging into the household outlet is about $.015 at the rate of $0.11 per kilowatt-hour. And the fully charged batteries will last up to 30 miles.

The best part is that to assemble the car you don't need to do any type of fancy labor, as long as you can operate regular hand tools - you are destined to make it go.

Still not convinced or confident you should go DIY, no problem.
There are some pretty sexy looking vehicles that will be ready made, fast and efficient that will enable you to save on gas as they are able to cover 300 miles on a single gallon and go from 0 to 60 miles an hour in less than 10 seconds with the upper limit of 90 miles an hour.

Three wheels is all it takes to be this super.

At the price of $30,000 or less you can consider it a gift for all it has plus the awesomeness that's built in and included in the price.

Aside from the actual colors that the cars can come in they are Eco friendly perfectly green.

Watch the video and be inspired.

Art Haines Solar Electric Car kit video

300 miles per gallon Aptera car video

hybrid electric car modern awesome Eco environment friendly green
pic: Aptera. Electric modern hybrid car. 300 miles per gallon

solar electric DIY car kit modern awesome Eco environment friendly green
pic: Art Haines Sunn car kit. Solar electric modern car. DIY

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Compare 10 best tablet computers chart. Windows Apple Android Blackberry

Windows, Apple, Android, Blackberry.
How do you decide which tablet is the best?
10 best tablet computers are compared here.
The chart may help you choose the one that suits you best.

Tablet PC is more popular than ever and with so many tablets on the market is not getting easier to pick out the right one for yourself.
Every tablet computer has something that makes it desirable and attractive to someone, some tablets are lighter, some are smaller, some have bigger screen and some are just sexier and cool looking.

Almost every computer manufacturer has produced a tablet that many of us wouldn't mind having and the prices are getting closer and closer into a tighter range.

In this complex situation the decision making ability has to be sharpened and perfected or else you may end up with some $500+ purchase that will be just short of that little tiny detail that had to make you completely content and happy and oh so satisfied and proud as the result of having that amazingly sleek super portable piece of digital equipment.

So how do we resist what is almost by definition irresistible and make that intelligent and educated decision that would give us that piece of technological perfection alone with that piece of mind which is supposed to make it all worthwhile, parting with a few hundred dollars is not the most enjoyable part of the process, owning the tablet computer however is as the result of that, so let's reach the balance and accomplish what has to be accomplished in the shortest time possible.

Some nice folks from the thegeeksclub wanted to make it easier for us and looks like they have completed the task quite successfully.

Here's the 10 top performers based on the looks and functions:

•Apple iPad 2 - Sexy, light, just right.
•Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - All around an A+ device.
•Motorola Xoom - Wonderful entry level machine, nice and clean.
•Blackberry Playbook - For all your business needs, as smart as a smartphone.
•HTC Flyer - This one is the ONE.
•LG Optimus Pad - May just be the winner.
•Dell Streak 10 - As awesome as always.
•HP TouchPad - Surf up, look forward, get where you need to be fast.
•ASUS Eee Pad Transformer - Tablet or Laptop, your device - your choice.
•Viewsonic ViewPad 10 - Super player, super functional, super efficient.

best tablet computers chart 10 Windows Apple Android Blackberry
pic: 10 best tablet computers chart

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3d Optical Illusion Light show Great Real building video effect Kharkiv Ukraine

This video shows an extraordinary video effect on a real life
building performed in Ukraine.
The video effects create an optical illusion that makes the viewers think that what they see is actually a real action and all the movement that appears on and in front of the building is happening in real time and all the figures exist and present as the show continues to go on.

This light show will surprise and captivate even those who understand the concept behind it and the techniques and methods used in the production of it.

The event was held in the city of Kharkiv, capital of Ukraine.
It was a celebration of the City Day (City Independence Day), the building shown in this video is the Kharkiv Regional Administration Building.

The show is performed using 3D projection technology, it's a combination of Projection Light Show and amazing artistic digital performance.

optical illusion 3d light show projection city celebration administration building
pic: 3d projection light show. City Administration building.

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What is a DoFollow blog? Comments, backlinks, DoFollow, NoFollow

What is a DoFollow blog? What is the difference between DoFollow
and NoFollow?

A dofollow blog is a blog that lets an internet search engine like Google
know there's a link to your blog or web site on the blog when you are leaving a comment and it increases the number of backlinks to your own blog or website. When you are leaving a comment that contains a link to your blog on a nofollow blog, either in your name as a commenter or in the actual comment even though it's a link it's not considered a backlink by the search engine.

DoFollow blog comments backlinks search engine ranking nofollow spam policy
Pic: This is a DoFollow blog.
DoFollow blog increases the number of backlinks to your blog.
Having more backlinks makes your blog more visible and potentially positively affects your blog ranking.

Other people may see a link to your blog in the comment and even click on it but the search engine, Google for example, will not count it as a backlink and will not give it value that would positively affect the ranking of your blog or website.

Having more backlinks to your blog/website makes it more visible to search engines and can bring you more visitors which is desirable to many bloggers and website owners.

The blog you are on right now- is a DoFollow blog, so if you leave a comment on any post on this blog and there's a link back to your blog, it will be considered a backlink by Google and there for the number of your backlinks will be increased.

When you are leaving a comment you should try to say something that would be relevant to the post you are leaving a comment on. Irrelevant or thoughtless comments look and taste spammy and will not be a positive addition to any blog. Most people don't like to see spam on their blogs and will not approve your comment or will remove it later if the blog has a comment policy that allows the comments to be posted right away.

This blog is a dofollow blog where the comments are posted as soon as you leave them, there's no waiting period as when the comments are moderated before they are posted and you don't have to check later to see if your comment was approved. You will see your comment right away, posted and visible to the search engines and other readers. But of course all comments are read by the administrators of the blog and a comment may be removed if it has no meaning or does not refer to the subject of the post it's left on or if it is a comment that looks like advertising more than commenting.

We would not want to remove your comments and we value every single comment we get from our readers, the above explanation is given to describe potential variety of situations and is meant to be helpful to our divers audience and it is a pleasure to have you visit this blog.

Please share your thoughts in the comment area and enjoy more backlinks with this DoFollow blog.

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Funny Bicycle Club Not Your Average Kids Bicycles Always Like This lyrics

Always Like This by Bombay Bicycle Club makes me want to ride that bike again.
And their name makes me want to call them BBC band.
Bicycles are perfect for kids and everyone who wants to get some exercise, it looks like it's also good for a band...

There are some pretty strange funny bikes out there, I don't own one but I definitely respect the idea and may be even envy the owners of such devices. Kind of...

Bicycle was my favorite thing when I was about 5. I wanted to have a scooter too but after I tried it I decided to stick with a bicycle. I tried my friend's scooter and it didn't feel as cool as I thought it would be. I had a nice 3 wheeler and it was a fun thing to ride. I don't quite remember when I abandoned my bike, may be when I was 7 or something like that. I didn't use the bicycle so much when I got a little older, for a while I was kind of busy with other things, like playing balls and dolls.

But then when I was may be 9 or 10, I decided to go back to biking but I needed a good 2 wheel bicycle and had to wait for a while till I got one. That was fun again.

Just a short while ago when I happen to watch this video I remembered how much fun it was to ride my bike back then.
Although the guys aren't riding bikes, they make me want to.

Bombay Bicycle Club - 'Always Like This' Video.

Bicycles and kids is a good combination.
Bicycles for kids are always a new invention.

I guess I am going to try to write a new song...

Always like this song lyrics.

Oh she can wait,
For what I can give,
She knows what I am but,
She won't believe me,
Is it all ok?
Will I come off the lightest?
I cant believe it,
It's always like this,

Kept it at bay
Yes you kept your words
There on your mouth
But it's not what I heard

If I follow the light
That I deem the brightest
I won't believe that
It's always like this

I'm not whole
I'm not whole
You waste it all


I'm not whole

Oh you can wait
For what I can give
You know what I am
So you know how I live
Try to look proud
But you're not in the slightest
Its happening now
And it's always been like this

I'm not whole
I'm not whole
You waste it all


I'm not whole


Some dudes and their cool weird bikes.

funny bicycle awesome strange funny boy bikes
A man on a high bicycle. Strange weird funny bike.

strange weird bicycles funny man bike guy
A guy/boy on a weird 3 wheel bicycle.  Odd weird funny bike.

fun bicycles strange awesome funny bike boy
A man riding an odd strange weird high bicycle.

There's a restaurant in London called Bombay Bicycle Club.
If they start using a bike to deliver food, the same one that's on their paper bag that would be awesome

pink paper bag Bicycle Club restaurant

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How To Share Someone's Status Facebook no Button Trick

How do you share someone else's status update on facebook?

There is no share button on the facebook status like the one you can see on other posts that contain a link, a picture or anything that makes it a post as opposed to a status update.

Not really big tricks but little ones that make this possible are here for you to choose from.

There is two ways to share a friend's status update and you can use these methods to share anyone's status update whether it's a person's page or a fan page.
Actually there is even a third way to do it, but it's a little different than a straight share method.

Whichever way you choose to use to share a friend's or a page's status - it's quite simple and not more difficult than if there was a share button.

Of course facebook sometimes adds and changes it's features so if there is a share button for the statuses somewhere in the plans then this methods will not be needed at some point but as of the moment of writing this post this little "tricks" can come very handy.

Method 1. Right click on the time stamp bellow the status you want to share and choose an option such as 'copy link address' or 'copy link location' or something similar depending on the browser that you are using. Different browser's right click menus have different words for the same functions.

If you are using Mac then you can do 'a double finger press and hold' instead of right click to bring up the menu.

Now go to your facebook wall or homepage and paste the link that you just copied just like you would paste any other link that you want to share with your friends.
This should bring up the person's profile picture and his/her status right into your post.

Method 2. Click on the time stamp bellow the status you want to share as you would normally click on any link you want to go to and it will take you to the page where that status is located and it will be the only post on that the page. The page will be a permanent page for that particular status.

Now copy the URL of that page go to your facebook wall or homepage and paste the URL that you just copied just like you would paste any other link that you want to share with your friends.
This should bring up the person's profile picture and his/her status right into your post.

Method 3. This is not exactly the same as sharing a link but it gives you similar results and may be used for the same purpose. You will in this case repost another person post, or a page's post, while giving that person or a page credit for their post or status.

Copy the text from someone's status update or another post that you want to share and paste it as you would paste any text you want to include in your message or status update by going to your wall or home page.

The important thing here is to add a tag for that person to your message by pressing '@' sign and typing the person's name right after. This should become an active tag and the person will receive a notification that he or she was tagged.

Sometimes the tag feature may not work for technical reasons and you may choose if you want to not post that message if it doesn't have an active tag or post it without the tag but the person's name will be in your message so if you think that it's OK then just go ahead and share your post.

The picture here shows where you need to click when you want to get a permalink to the person's status or message page.

facebook status update tricks tags picture sharing friends messages

Click on the time and date stamp to get permalink to share someone else's status on facebook

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New York City Street Views Lunch Break Friends Snacks Good Talks

New York City streets offer a lot of choices when it comes to having lunch or getting something to snack on and the city street views are as divers as the looks and personalities of people who make the streets come alive and lovely to walk on.
You can have a good time whether you are picking up some snack or lunch or just taking a walk down the street in the New York City.

If you are having a meet up with a friend and have been planning it for a while or if you just run into someone who you have not seen but is actually a nice person to be around it always works better if you have a nice snack supply with you so that the conversation can go smoothly and not be interrupted by hungry thoughts or rumbling belly. Of course the small snack may not be enough and a nice size sandwich is a better alternative.

As for drink - you can get you favorite one too, watch for sugar and caffeine if getting hyper is not on your list, otherwise don't. Water may taste too plain for that special occasion and you probably can sip your 8-glasses-a-day recommended amount while being at your desk on in the car.
While nothing is as cleansing as pure fresh simple spring water for a lovely talk in a good company getting something a little more sparkly is perfectly all right.

Lunch or snack, it's the company that makes it taste most flavorful and
if the shoes are already comfortable it can only get better.

New York city street view. Good place, good friends.

New York Lunch Break time City Street Views sidewalk

Christopher from 'Quite All Right' blog took this friendly shot on the street of his wonderful city which is New York and he happens to be quite knowledgeable about all the places worth going whether for lunch or just to walk around.

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big or small? average penis size worldwide statistics map chart by country International research Penis exercise

World statistics. Average penis size by country.
International research data. Penis exercise.

If you are trying to determine whether a particular size of a penis is big/large or small you can look at the worldwide/international statistics to see the results from guys all over the world. The average penis sizes vary from country to country and actually even if you decide that a particular penis size is large/big or small you still are not limited by it's size in terms of how it is related to the person's character and physique.

Sometimes the size of the penis may influence a man's self-esteem and some women may think it may affect the physical behavior of a man but it is the self-esteem itself that has the most affect on people's behavior and not the sizes of theirs.
Just like any woman will look more attractive if she thinks positively about herself, a man will also be more attractive for the same reason.
The size is just that - the size, and it does not have more power to change people's relationships and behavior than the attitudes and ways that people think about themselves and their partners.

Worldwide international research shows that the physical behavior of a man is also not determined by the length or size of his penis and it is largely dependent on many other factors such as his general physical shape, intelligence, attitude, views and knowledge about relationships and other personal qualities.

There is a number of exercises you can do to keep a penis in good shape, exercising your body in general is a good thing to do and you may also find it useful to do some exercises that are intended for the penis only.
You can view some of these exercise examples by going to this link or by clicking on the picture bellow.

big large small penis exercise long short tall man male body strong length width

Average penis size worldwide statistics is shown in the chart and map bellow.
It's not proven whether a human penis size has any relations to the size of other body parts, race or genetics.
An average human penis in erect state is about 12.9–15.0 cm or 5.1–5.9 in in length.
The penis sizes reported by men measuring it themselves were substantially larger than those measured with the help of assistants.

average penis size world chart map statistics pic guys men body parts
Average penis size by country - world map. International research data.

average penis size world chart map statistics pic guys men body parts
Average penis size by country worldwide chart/table

Penis size statistics

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Contiki Facebook Get on the Bus contest Vote for Girls to Win a trip Budget holidays vacation travel

'Get on the bus' - Contiki on facebook contest.
The bus from Contiki Travel on facebook is going to Ireland.
If you vote, you'll help the girls win a trip to visit Ireland, the land of Guinness and Blarney Stone.
The lovely ladies are looking to go on an adventure and have a fun vacation!
Contiki helps people to travel around the world not spending a lot of money and have fun holidays and vacation times and meet new friends in the process.
Young people who haven't earned all that much yet can travel on a budget with  Contiki trips.

You too can choose a trip, gather a few friends and start your own bus or join one of other people buses and even try to get votes to win your trip.
Meanwhile you can help a few girls to hop on their bus going to Ireland by VOTING
on facebook.

UPDATE: This particular contest is over, but Contiki travel is still up and running.

contiki holidays vacation bus travel facebook girls cartoon trip ireland

Contiki travel bus with Cartoon girls team Betty Boop Jessica Rabbit Chibi girl

ireland trip contiki holidays vacation bus travel facebook

Contiki travel vacation. Ireland

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What do not bored people do on weekends Unusual strange things to do on Saturdays and Sundays

What do people do on weekends?
Here is a list of things some people like to do on Saturdays and Sundays.

Some of them are normal, some are funny and some are unusual or strange, but it's about having a good time and doing whatever makes you feel most rested and relaxed.
That is what Saturdays and Sundays are for.
Being bored is not an option. Do things that start a weekend right!

rabbit jumping card have good fun weekend and nice week yellow blue-green pink letters

Bored not.

These are the things that some people said they do on weekends and you can do that too in case you like it or run out of ideas of your own.

Have parties, drink wine, play games and talk about politics and religion.

Go out to dinner, go places, go on a day trip.

Play bingo and/or card games.

Do some planning ahead for the following week.

Cook for the following week and fill up the freezer.

Have sex... and more sex...

Answer every single email you didn't get a chance to answer during the week.

Look forward to the next work day!

Go to the shopping mall, flirt with the cute girls or guys.

Watch TV, read, stay home all day.

Go to the park, watch kids and birds, write a poem.

Play golf.

Skateboard on the sidewalk or on the beach.



Seat on the grass, eat ice cream, laugh with your friends.

Friend a stranger on the street or in the supermarket and go to a museum to see some art.


Cook something you have never tried before.

Cook something that takes a long time to cook. You've got a whole weekend, so fill it up.

Don't cook anything, visit someone who you now for sure cooks on the weekends.

Write a letter by hand about how you spend your weekend, send it to yourself.

Write a letter by hand about your weekend, send it to a neighbor.

Spy on the neighbors.

Go to the library.

Go to the electronics store, learn what's new.

Shop on line.

Take everything you bought the week before that doesn't fit, go to the stores where you got it to return the stuff and get a refund.

Get a removable tattoo.

Watch cartoons.

Visit a relative you haven't seen in a while.

Take a break from everything, do nothing.

Learn how to spell better.

Puzzle yourself, solve a picture puzzle.

Go to as many markets as you can, sample food so you know what to buy during the week for lunch when you don't have a lot of time to shop.

Clean and do the laundry.

Call your friends, do the laundry together in a laundromat.

Get a magnifying glass and do a sunburned wood design on a peace of wood.

Play chess or learn how to play it.

Stare at the back of someone's head until they turn around.

Go to the beach, walk along the sand and sing as loud as you can.

Go to beach, seat on the sand, read a book.

Go to the beach, seat on the sand, don't read anything.

Go to the beach, seat on the grass, plan your next vacation.

Don't go to beach, go on the roof of the house instead, sing as loud as your can.

Visit a friend with other friends, sing as loud as you can. Or dance.

Go to the beach, walk along the sand.

Watch a video about what to do when you have nothing to do.

Have a fun weekend and a nice week!

elephant grass card have good fun weekend and nice week green gray

How to cook plantain bananas                                                I will not marry you until I get a job The funniest 5 year old girl video
fried plantain bananas cooking pretty
funny marriage job drawing adorable kid girl  video

in this post: week end what do you do on weekend no reason to be bored rest have fun go on a date eat out watch tv cartoons movies go to the beach for a walk see friends parents family paint draw swim cook bake write read do nothing stay home exercise bike rollerblade go for a walk in the park go fishing running answer emails have a party sing dance get together with friends relax don't work prepare for the next working day indulge drink wine play cards games sports go shopping staying bored is not an option do funny unusual strange things pick a hobby.
What not bored people do on weekends List of unusual strange things to do on Saturdays and Sundays

How to draw a cute face girl cartoon character/celebrity Kim Possible Kim Kardashian drawing video tutorials

Kim and Kim.
Here are some nice examples of how to draw a cute face girl cartoon character or real celebrity.
Watch video tutorials on drawing Kim Possible cute cartoon girl and Kim Kardashian beautiful real celebrity.
Who is the cutest?

If you want to learn how to draw a pretty and/or beautiful girl, real or cartoon, a good place to start is to watch a video on how to draw Kim Possible and Kim Kardashian. Both girls are pretty, Kim Possible is a cute Disney cartoon and Kim Kardashian is a real woman and beautiful actress.

kim possible cute face girl cartoon coloring pic

Kim Possible cute Disney cartoon character. Fun cartoon girl drawing.
Colored picture, pink hair, yellow shoes, green dress, purple seat, blue background.

draw kim possible cute face girl cartoon coloring pic

Kim Possible pretty cartoon girl drawing. Fun art. Orange hair, green grass, mountains, blue sky.
Kim Possible seating on the beach, wearing tattoo.
pic by jeepika

draw kim possible cute face girl cartoon coloring pic

Kim Possible cute pretty cartoon girl coloring picture.

paint kim kardashian pretty face celebrity girl art portrait

Kim Kardashian art. Pretty beautiful girl actress celebrity portrait painting.
Dark hair and eyes, black/brown background.

draw kim kardashian actress beautiful pretty face celebrity girl portrait

Kim Kardashian in white dress. Long black hair, pink background. Pretty actress photo portrait.

draw kim kardashian pretty girl face celebrity beautiful actress coloring pic portrait

Kim Kardashian pencil drawing, sketch, coloring picture. Beautiful woman face portrait.

How to Draw Kim Possible video tutorial.
This is a very cute drawing of Kim Possible, a cute girl cartoon character from Disney cartoon.

Watching this video can help you learn how to draw Kim Possible face, hair, body and clothes. Kim Possible is a very cute cartoon girl and of course it's a lot of fun to draw a cute girl cartoon character.

This video shows drawing of Kim Possible by Jay French, a lifelong artist with 19 years of experience as a professional illustrator and graphic artist.

How to draw Kim Kardashian Portrait video tutorial.
This is a very pretty drawing and of cource Kim Kardashian is a very pretty lady, so if you want to draw her you are almost guaranteed that your drawing is going to be pretty or beautiful or both.

This video shows how to draw Kim Kardashian portrait using a black pencil.
If you watch this video carefully it will help you learn how to draw Kim Kardashian face and hair.
Since Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman it makes it easier to make a beautiful drawing.

The drawing of Kim Kardashian is this video is done by a young artist Nicole from Southern California, United States.

Learn to draw Chibi
                                                Facebook cartoon profile pictures strange popular campaign
little chibi anime cartoon character person school kid girl funny cow boobs chicken cartoon sketch drawing doodling coloring

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How to cook plantain bananas recipe Pretty fried eatables

fried plantain bananas cooking pretty

Cooking plantain bananas is fairly simple as described in this recipe.
These plantain bananas look pretty decorative, frying is not my favorite method of cooking food but for rare occasion this looks quite appealing.

To prepare this pretty bananas you need:

1 plantain banana half ripe
A pinch of salt
1 tbsp olive oil

Cut banana into 1 inch circles, use a skillet to brown banana circles in olive oil.
Place browned banana circles flat in one layer on aluminum foil and wrap aluminum foil over banana pieces. Pound wrapped in foil banana circles to make them thin.
Add a pinch of salt and fry banana pieces again till brown.

Arrange ready to eat plantain banana circles on a plate for a pretty table piece

This recipe was developed by Au2009

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International Women's Day March 8 100th anniversary Facebook event to Attend

March 8 is the International Women's Day.

International Women's Day March 8 Facebook event

on this day and always!!!
March 8 is The day of hugs, kisses, love notes, flowers and smiles!
Please distribute all of the above freely.

To join this event on facebook go here March 8 International Women's Day

March 8, 2011 is the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day!

International Women's Day celebrates achievements of all women around the world.
It is a national holiday in 25 countries.

President of the United States Barack Obama has designated the month of March as Women's History Month.
Along with celebration of the political, economic, cultural and social achievement of women throughout the world, IWD also reminds all people of the continuing struggle for the equal rights that many women still encounter in today's world.
International Women's Day was established in 1910 in Copenhagen at the International Conference of Working Women by a famous German socialist Clara Zetkin.
In many countries where March 8 is celebrated as a national holiday, it became a tradition to give all women of any age at home, school or at work flowers and small gifts on this 8th day of Spring.

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How to draw chibi anime Cute cartoon people coloring pictures

Everyone likes cute stuff. Just in case you're wondering, you don't have to be a kid to want to draw chibi characters. They are the cutest cartoon people out there. So learn, if you haven't already.

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Cute chibi little girl and boy holding hands pic

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Draw and color chibi. Chibi girl line drawing coloring picture.

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How to draw chibi. Learn to draw Chibi picture at dragoart

How to Draw Chibi Characters, Six Different Ways Video

If there's no sound, switch from 360p to 240p in the bottom right corner of the video frame to hear audio.

20 Ways to Draw Chibi Emotions Video

You can put your cute chibi on a tshirt and wear your chibi pictures.

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