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3d Optical Illusion Light show Great Real building video effect Kharkiv Ukraine

This video shows an extraordinary video effect on a real life
building performed in Ukraine.
The video effects create an optical illusion that makes the viewers think that what they see is actually a real action and all the movement that appears on and in front of the building is happening in real time and all the figures exist and present as the show continues to go on.

This light show will surprise and captivate even those who understand the concept behind it and the techniques and methods used in the production of it.

The event was held in the city of Kharkiv, capital of Ukraine.
It was a celebration of the City Day (City Independence Day), the building shown in this video is the Kharkiv Regional Administration Building.

The show is performed using 3D projection technology, it's a combination of Projection Light Show and amazing artistic digital performance.

optical illusion 3d light show projection city celebration administration building
pic: 3d projection light show. City Administration building.

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  1. waoooooooo
    wonderful and great effects.

  2. The article is wonderfully written and the way the points were sent across is very understandable.