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Solar Electric Car Kit Build affordable Eco friendly vehicle

How would you like to build your own affordable solar electric car?

This kind of vehicle can be pretty expensive to buy if you can't build it yourself. So if you want to have one you better start working on it next weekend.

Yes, you can build your own solar car, thanks to Art Haines' SUNN solar car kit which cost around $6,600 plus you'll have to buy batteries or solar panels separate on top of that.

The car can go up to 35 MPH and of course it's street legal with all the necessary components like windshield wiper, disc brakes, seat belts, turn signals and lights.
Once you properly assemble your solar electric vehicle you'll need to insure it which can be done after submitting a form and getting a VIN number to specially built or homemade cars and registering it as a low speed electric vehicle.

The cost of energy per mile in case you recharge it by plugging into the household outlet is about $.015 at the rate of $0.11 per kilowatt-hour. And the fully charged batteries will last up to 30 miles.

The best part is that to assemble the car you don't need to do any type of fancy labor, as long as you can operate regular hand tools - you are destined to make it go.

Still not convinced or confident you should go DIY, no problem.
There are some pretty sexy looking vehicles that will be ready made, fast and efficient that will enable you to save on gas as they are able to cover 300 miles on a single gallon and go from 0 to 60 miles an hour in less than 10 seconds with the upper limit of 90 miles an hour.

Three wheels is all it takes to be this super.

At the price of $30,000 or less you can consider it a gift for all it has plus the awesomeness that's built in and included in the price.

Aside from the actual colors that the cars can come in they are Eco friendly perfectly green.

Watch the video and be inspired.

Art Haines Solar Electric Car kit video

300 miles per gallon Aptera car video

hybrid electric car modern awesome Eco environment friendly green
pic: Aptera. Electric modern hybrid car. 300 miles per gallon

solar electric DIY car kit modern awesome Eco environment friendly green
pic: Art Haines Sunn car kit. Solar electric modern car. DIY

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  1. Solar electric cars are another innovation that can drive the world toward a cleaner and safer future. It's truly safe for the environment because the mechanism it uses for propulsion does not involve the emission of harmful carbon dioxide gases. If this technology can be developed for wide-scale application, its ecological effect can be amplified.

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