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big or small? average penis size worldwide statistics map chart by country International research Penis exercise

World statistics. Average penis size by country.
International research data. Penis exercise.

If you are trying to determine whether a particular size of a penis is big/large or small you can look at the worldwide/international statistics to see the results from guys all over the world. The average penis sizes vary from country to country and actually even if you decide that a particular penis size is large/big or small you still are not limited by it's size in terms of how it is related to the person's character and physique.

Sometimes the size of the penis may influence a man's self-esteem and some women may think it may affect the physical behavior of a man but it is the self-esteem itself that has the most affect on people's behavior and not the sizes of theirs.
Just like any woman will look more attractive if she thinks positively about herself, a man will also be more attractive for the same reason.
The size is just that - the size, and it does not have more power to change people's relationships and behavior than the attitudes and ways that people think about themselves and their partners.

Worldwide international research shows that the physical behavior of a man is also not determined by the length or size of his penis and it is largely dependent on many other factors such as his general physical shape, intelligence, attitude, views and knowledge about relationships and other personal qualities.

There is a number of exercises you can do to keep a penis in good shape, exercising your body in general is a good thing to do and you may also find it useful to do some exercises that are intended for the penis only.
You can view some of these exercise examples by going to this link or by clicking on the picture bellow.

big large small penis exercise long short tall man male body strong length width

Average penis size worldwide statistics is shown in the chart and map bellow.
It's not proven whether a human penis size has any relations to the size of other body parts, race or genetics.
An average human penis in erect state is about 12.9–15.0 cm or 5.1–5.9 in in length.
The penis sizes reported by men measuring it themselves were substantially larger than those measured with the help of assistants.

average penis size world chart map statistics pic guys men body parts
Average penis size by country - world map. International research data.

average penis size world chart map statistics pic guys men body parts
Average penis size by country worldwide chart/table

Penis size statistics

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  1. nice post... about size of the penis

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  2. Well, i think you all need to read this:

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  3. korean have smallest 3.8

  4. i think my countrymen don't have to worry too much at least coz were not the smallest penis people in the world. Mine is as the same size as shown by the statistics. I had seen my uncles penis before and my friends as well and they are the same as mine. By the way i'm from the Philippines.

  5. I'm Palestinian -which they dont mention above.

    But, I was born and still live in finland.

    It's true what they say about finnish people they usually have between 13cm an 16cm.

    Most of my black friend's have above 17cm.

    My arabian friend's differs the most:
    Iraq 14-17cm
    Syrian 15-16cm
    Lebanon 15-17cm
    Jordan 16-18cm
    Algeria 15-18cm
    Morocco 14-18cm
    Palestine 16-23cm

    I want to say that Palestinian's are big people (at least in my family)
    I am 197cm, I have 3 brothers and more than 100 cousin's (its true). There is few retarded ones that are 150cm tall but those close to my bloodline are at shortest 177cm. My brothers are 178cm, 185cm, 189cm.

    1. I'm syrian and my penis is 17.5cm long. Your numbers are wrong.

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  6. Why the penis of the asians is that small ? !

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  7. i love to go to Europe I think what matters most is the personality not on their quality of penis that is more attractive someone know how to seduce rather than not know how to use their bomb

  8. This statistics does not tally with the research work by medical persons. So friends, bee happy with this country wise result forgetting the real one.!!

  9. haha i have a 6inc pennis when soft and im only 13

  10. I can't ****ing believe that my countrymen are almost half the size that I have down there. 3.8?!
    3 point ****ing 8?

  11. Pakistans have 6.5 inch

  12. im from England and mine is 8.6 inch, my family are obviously blessed, we are all 6ft 5inch tall therefore our penises are proportionate to our bodies haha

  13. I am Egyptian but mine is 18.6 cm

  14. you people are bloody idiot it is not come from the sizes, it is come through performance

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  16. Actions speak louder than words or any survey done by goofy, insecure, dead guys. See YOUTUBE, ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN BODY (minute 34:08), close up of a normal looking german guy with the smallest, narrowest penis on the planet.

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    In a very few number of cases (about 13 out of 100), Peyronie's disease goes away without being treated. Many health care experts suggest treating the disease without surgery for the first 12 months after the disease is first noticed.
    Men with small plaques, not much curving of the penis, no pain, and no problems with sex may not need to be treated. If you need to be treated, there are 3 choices.

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  22. I have 6.3",and I'm 5'5" tall,and my circumference is 5.8.I have a small index finger in relation to my rdring finger;my 2D4D is .96,and I don't understand these finger equations that supposedly predict size.