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Who am I? And what it's about.

Who am I? And what is it all about?

I'm just a regular person who likes to try and do different things.
One day I decided I should have a website or a blog and I've proceeded to try to start one.

I didn't know exactly what it should be all about so I wrote a few things and put it up. Since then I have not gotten any closer to the answer about what it's all about. I just inform the Internet about my likes, buys or some stuff that I think is useful and I try do describe it so that it's clear and not too personal since I don't want to impose my views on everyone who happened to come by, just trying to communicate and share my discoveries and info.

You are totally welcome to let me know if there's anything I should write about, I read everyone's comments and it's always a pleasure to have you here.

cute pet small baby animal exersizing

picture: this is not my pet but he kindly agreed to hold a sign for me while doing his favorite exercize which is a rope climbing.
I think it's very sweet of him, what a nice little animal.