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No marriage before job video Funny little girl

Don't get married if you don't have a job. Even a 5 year old knows that. LOL video

funny marriage job drawing adorable kid girl  video
First comes a job, then comes merriage. Picture drawing collage.

I will not marry you until I get a job. I don't care. I don't wanna marry somebody if I don't have a job first. So stop carrying. Adorable funny 5 year old girl video.

Getting married without a job? Who would want to do that!
I certainly agree with her, it's not fun and it's not even funny. Just imagine being married and having no job, what would you do every day, stay home and watch TV or something?
No place to go in the morning, how is that gonna affect your relationship? Not being married and not having a job must be a much better combination. If you are not married you don't have to worry about what to do all day because you could just go everywhere and look for someone to marry. On the other hand you can go everywhere and look for a job, which you can do whether you are married or not, but still if you're not married you can look for a job and for someone to marry at the same time, so ultimately it's a more efficient way to spend time, or may be not?
Decisions, decisions...

The Funniest Aspiring Singers Auditions. video

funny drawing singers actors competitions weird strange unusual awesome odd laughing

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  1. Very cute girl that's conscious regarding their career. she is like a doll.

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  2. Hey my thinking is also like you, My career is very important than marriage.