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How to choose the best shaving brush Wetshaver manual. Video

There are lots of shaving brushes out there, choosing the best brush for the purpose may be a serious step toward completing this important procedure to achieve the perfect clean smooth look and feel that comes with skillful shaving.

What kind of brush do you use to shave? And do you even use a brush?

I guess that depends on whether you are a guy or a girl and what exactly you are shaving. Or may be you like electric shavers. In this case you wouldn't even think of using any brush.
But if you are not an electric shaver person then you stand a good chance of being... a Wetshaver.
Obviously, a wetshaver is someone who shaves while keeping the places of shaving interest wet, and if you do so it's best to shave in or after a hot shower which can help reduce irritation and shaving bumps.

Hot water makes skin and hair softer and muscles more relaxed, so you can get that perfect close shave with less effort. Everyone would want to have smooth, soft skin after shaving, without any redness or other unpleasant effects and for that you need to have good tools and keep it in the best condition possible.

A sharp razor, a perfect brush and nice cream are the elements of the shaving success. The brush has to have certain qualities such as being capable of absorbing hot water and then releasing and mixing it with the shaving cream to create a foamy fluffy mix when you move it across your face.

A shaving brush to a wet shaving man is like an artist's brush to an artist.
Here's a video that explains all the details about what to look for and how to choose that wonder brush that can make you a shaving artist.

How to choose the best shaving brush Wetshaver manual. Video

best shaving brush wetshaver man
pic: shaving brushes. wetshaver's choice

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