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New York City Street Views Lunch Break Friends Snacks Good Talks

New York City streets offer a lot of choices when it comes to having lunch or getting something to snack on and the city street views are as divers as the looks and personalities of people who make the streets come alive and lovely to walk on.
You can have a good time whether you are picking up some snack or lunch or just taking a walk down the street in the New York City.

If you are having a meet up with a friend and have been planning it for a while or if you just run into someone who you have not seen but is actually a nice person to be around it always works better if you have a nice snack supply with you so that the conversation can go smoothly and not be interrupted by hungry thoughts or rumbling belly. Of course the small snack may not be enough and a nice size sandwich is a better alternative.

As for drink - you can get you favorite one too, watch for sugar and caffeine if getting hyper is not on your list, otherwise don't. Water may taste too plain for that special occasion and you probably can sip your 8-glasses-a-day recommended amount while being at your desk on in the car.
While nothing is as cleansing as pure fresh simple spring water for a lovely talk in a good company getting something a little more sparkly is perfectly all right.

Lunch or snack, it's the company that makes it taste most flavorful and
if the shoes are already comfortable it can only get better.

New York city street view. Good place, good friends.

New York Lunch Break time City Street Views sidewalk

Christopher from 'Quite All Right' blog took this friendly shot on the street of his wonderful city which is New York and he happens to be quite knowledgeable about all the places worth going whether for lunch or just to walk around.

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