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Funny Bicycle Club Not Your Average Kids Bicycles Always Like This lyrics

Always Like This by Bombay Bicycle Club makes me want to ride that bike again.
And their name makes me want to call them BBC band.
Bicycles are perfect for kids and everyone who wants to get some exercise, it looks like it's also good for a band...

There are some pretty strange funny bikes out there, I don't own one but I definitely respect the idea and may be even envy the owners of such devices. Kind of...

Bicycle was my favorite thing when I was about 5. I wanted to have a scooter too but after I tried it I decided to stick with a bicycle. I tried my friend's scooter and it didn't feel as cool as I thought it would be. I had a nice 3 wheeler and it was a fun thing to ride. I don't quite remember when I abandoned my bike, may be when I was 7 or something like that. I didn't use the bicycle so much when I got a little older, for a while I was kind of busy with other things, like playing balls and dolls.

But then when I was may be 9 or 10, I decided to go back to biking but I needed a good 2 wheel bicycle and had to wait for a while till I got one. That was fun again.

Just a short while ago when I happen to watch this video I remembered how much fun it was to ride my bike back then.
Although the guys aren't riding bikes, they make me want to.

Bombay Bicycle Club - 'Always Like This' Video.

Bicycles and kids is a good combination.
Bicycles for kids are always a new invention.

I guess I am going to try to write a new song...

Always like this song lyrics.

Oh she can wait,
For what I can give,
She knows what I am but,
She won't believe me,
Is it all ok?
Will I come off the lightest?
I cant believe it,
It's always like this,

Kept it at bay
Yes you kept your words
There on your mouth
But it's not what I heard

If I follow the light
That I deem the brightest
I won't believe that
It's always like this

I'm not whole
I'm not whole
You waste it all


I'm not whole

Oh you can wait
For what I can give
You know what I am
So you know how I live
Try to look proud
But you're not in the slightest
Its happening now
And it's always been like this

I'm not whole
I'm not whole
You waste it all


I'm not whole


Some dudes and their cool weird bikes.

funny bicycle awesome strange funny boy bikes
A man on a high bicycle. Strange weird funny bike.

strange weird bicycles funny man bike guy
A guy/boy on a weird 3 wheel bicycle.  Odd weird funny bike.

fun bicycles strange awesome funny bike boy
A man riding an odd strange weird high bicycle.

There's a restaurant in London called Bombay Bicycle Club.
If they start using a bike to deliver food, the same one that's on their paper bag that would be awesome

pink paper bag Bicycle Club restaurant

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