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How to upload/post animated/moving gif picture to facebook. Ways to post images

What's up with the animated gif image being posted on facebook? Why is it not animated any more after you upload it?

There are some animated/ moving gif pictures/ images on facebook that you may see in people's albums. In the past it was possible to upload/ post animated pictures on facebook directly to the wall on into one of the albums just like you would upload any other image and it would remain animated in your album and also in the thumbnail in the stream/ news feed or on a person's wall.

moving gif animated black running cat green floor image picture

pic: animated cat moving gif image. black running cat, green floor picture.

This feature was changed a while ago as facebook implements various changes now and then and to many facebook user's seeing animated gif in different places on facebook and not being able to post your own is a mystery they can't solve, well, facebook now just converts all animated pictures to regular flattened ones and there you have it- your cute moving gif picture is flattened and isn't animated any more.

The gif pictures/photos on facebook that are still animated were uploaded to facebook some time ago when it was still possible to do so and they are left intact, in original condition and still work.

Does all this mean you can't post a moving picture/photo on your facebook?
Just recently there was another way, although not quite a direct way to have an animated gif in some places in your facebook. This was possible to do in your facebook notes and you had to apply a little code in the note space rather than just upload an image to facebook.

Although it seems like facebook removed this possibility to include a moving picture in the notes without disabling the 'move factor'  I'm including an instruction here on how to insert an external image in your facebook notes just because it may be useful in some cases to use an external image instead of uploading one directly to your facebook and if facebook makes changes to it's notes' html functionality again this may again start working.

The following also explains how to get the url image location so that it can be used in another method described here that is the closest to posting an animated gif image on facebook.

How to include an external image in the facebook note: Chose any free or any image host on the internet that allows to hotlink an uploaded image and upload your moving/ animated gif or any image to that host. Hotlinking an image means that you link to the image on the host from any other place on the web. You will link directly to the location of the image, not just to any page that displays that image and belongs to that host.

Let's say you upload your image to Get the url of the image location and put it in this code.

<img src="http://myimagelocation.gif" />

Replace the phrase -- http://myimagelocation.gif -- in the code with the url address of your image.

On photobucket for instance you can get the url address of the image right from your photobucket page that displays that image by clicking 'share'.
Otherwise you can right click on the image and choose something like 'image location', the exact wording for that option in the right click menu would depend on the browser that you are using and you can get the url of the image this way.

In Internet Explore for example the right click menu would have the word 'properties', it's the last one of the options, and you can copy the url address of your image after you click on 'properties' first.

After constructing the above mentioned code using your own image location copy and paste the completed code into your facebook note in the place where you want your image to go.

Once you create a note with your external picture included in it, the note with the image thumbnail will show up in your facebook stream and the news feeds of your friends after you publish it and any time later if you repost that note's page on your wall or on your friends wall.

So what can we do now to somehow get an animated gif image/photo posted on facebook in some form?
The closest to this would be to use the url address of your desired image that you can get by following the instruction above and make a post with that url on your wall or your facebook homepage, this will show the thumbnail of the image and when you or someone else clicks on the image thumbnail it will bring up the page where the image is hosted and this page will show the original animated gif picture in it's fully functional animated form.

In this post: upload animated moving gif picture image photo to facebook post html code img url address location notes post


  1. Nice post here. Most peoples do not know it.

  2. how do you do this:

  3. when i post
    in my notes and then i publish dont show only shows still image
    please help me

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing topic. I found it very interesting and nice.

  5. can we also gif from bings moveing ones ???

  6. Post Animated GIF on Facebook (100% WORKING):

  7. GIFs are actually better than those static images and people go crazy if you are sharing a super-sexo GIF. Funny, usual peoples do not upload gif since they don’t know how to.

    What Wrong You Do?

    You download the Gif and upload it on Facebook. Ultimately, it ends up as Static Image. It happens because Facebook doesn’t supports GIF upload yet. It requires GIFs hosted on other platforms.

    What is the Right Way?

    A complete guide here explains How to Insert GIFs to Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

    To be short, you have to get the GIF from a website link and rather than downloading the link. Popular website is Giphy, where you click the giphy and copy the html website link showing up on your browser.

    Following this, simply go to Facebook and share a status- paste the web address and wait till Facebook retrieves the GIF.

    Once it is done, you can simply delete the text written and replace it with your own words. The GIF wouldn’t be affected and will be published as such when you click “Publish”.