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Alkali metals n Water Video Chemical reactions experiment Magically owesome

What are Alkali Metals?

Alkali metals are a group of elements with the ability to be highly reactive when they get in contact with water. They are soft and shiny chemical elements that are listed in the periodic table.

Here's a list of alkali metals:
lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium, francium, hydrogen.

Alkali metals are also good conductors of heat and electricity and they are useful for many different applications.

In this video you can see how highly reactive alkali metals are in water.
The almost magical reaction happens with the use of the last element in this experiment.

alkali metals chemical elements collage lithium sodium potassium rubidium caesium francium hydrogen

pic: alkali metals chemical elements collage

in this post: alkali metals reaction with water experiment video magical reaction of chemical elements periodic table lithium sodium potassium rubidium caesium francium hydrogen


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  7. Haha,this reminded me of my Alevel chemistry,I used really struggle with alkali and alkaline and acidic stuff it was also difficult for me.thank God those days are over