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How I didn't become psychologist therapist life coach Questions n Answers The whole story

All about how I didn't become a psychologist or therapist or life coach.

May be it was possible for me to become a psychologist or therapist or life coach if I could ever imagine being one, even though I feel like I should at least know why I did not become one or even think of it as a possibility.

I always liked to read everything psychological and could never imagine however or never even thought of or considered doing this as a job and becoming a psychologist. I never wrote something about it ether, I only read what others had to say on this subject and I read a lot of psychological works. I could say I studied it instead of 'read' based on the level of interest that I had in this. Writing about it is something I was curious about for a while, I felt like I'd want to be able to express this strange situation even if it's just for my own understanding, and even if it's just to say why I could never do this professionally.

While I am not a psychotherapist, not even a life coach or a psychologist or anything else in that category I like to talk about this stuff, think about different psychological questions, solutions and all things that are psychology related. May be I'm a hobbyist or may be I'm an amateur psychologist, whatever the case is I have my opinion on a ton of psychological situations, I would just never attempt to become a professional in that area for the reason largely unknown to me regardless how deep I can get trying to solve all kinds of questions, but never knowing how to answer this one.

Why with so much interest in psychology I could never imagine going through some special formal training or trying to earn money for providing this kind of services. This is a little bit of a mystery and I'm not even trying to answer it even if it looks like I am.

Yes, it makes me wonder why I would not try to become a therapist and make a living by being a therapist. Every time that I think I could I know I wouldn't.

I did take college classes in psychology because I was interested in the subject and thought I should take a college class on this to learn more but this was it and a few classes is all I did for this as far as formal education is considered in this particular area.
Everything else I ever try to learn about it was done through readings, watching and talking. I didn't think of it as learning, I just did what I wanted to do and read what I was interested in the most.

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pic: My psycho-logical thoughts.
Questions and Answers story

So the furtherest I can go in this is share my views through writing, if somebody likes it and find it valuable that's all right. I could even write more and may even give helpful answers in this area. I just wouldn't sit down with someone and try to solve their problems while getting paid for it at the same time.

I did try to explain this and think why I can't even consider doing this as a business or a job, but I give up and writing about it is my only option to do any kind of moves in that direction. If I write something useful and it helps somebody that is cool and I wouldn't mind answering and trying to solve some questions, all that is fine. As long as it's not an office like visit and I'm not in the position where I would have someone come to me as a client or patient expecting me to have some very special information about some very special things that an ordinary person wouldn't know about, I feel like I'm all right with it.

Often times I spent countless hours with my friends trying to suggest the best solutions for various situations and they expressed their thank-yous and told me those were good suggestions and right ideas that we were coming up with during those discussions. And that was good enough, and I never thought I could be paid for that type of things.

And this is all I can come up with for the moment about why I would not be a psychologist or a therapist or a life coach tonight.

in this post: no emotions story about why and how I did not become a psycjologist or therapist or life coach my thoughts and questions and some of the answers I come up with on this subject


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