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Compare 10 best tablet computers chart. Windows Apple Android Blackberry

Windows, Apple, Android, Blackberry.
How do you decide which tablet is the best?
10 best tablet computers are compared here.
The chart may help you choose the one that suits you best.

Tablet PC is more popular than ever and with so many tablets on the market is not getting easier to pick out the right one for yourself.
Every tablet computer has something that makes it desirable and attractive to someone, some tablets are lighter, some are smaller, some have bigger screen and some are just sexier and cool looking.

Almost every computer manufacturer has produced a tablet that many of us wouldn't mind having and the prices are getting closer and closer into a tighter range.

In this complex situation the decision making ability has to be sharpened and perfected or else you may end up with some $500+ purchase that will be just short of that little tiny detail that had to make you completely content and happy and oh so satisfied and proud as the result of having that amazingly sleek super portable piece of digital equipment.

So how do we resist what is almost by definition irresistible and make that intelligent and educated decision that would give us that piece of technological perfection alone with that piece of mind which is supposed to make it all worthwhile, parting with a few hundred dollars is not the most enjoyable part of the process, owning the tablet computer however is as the result of that, so let's reach the balance and accomplish what has to be accomplished in the shortest time possible.

Some nice folks from the thegeeksclub wanted to make it easier for us and looks like they have completed the task quite successfully.

Here's the 10 top performers based on the looks and functions:

•Apple iPad 2 - Sexy, light, just right.
•Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - All around an A+ device.
•Motorola Xoom - Wonderful entry level machine, nice and clean.
•Blackberry Playbook - For all your business needs, as smart as a smartphone.
•HTC Flyer - This one is the ONE.
•LG Optimus Pad - May just be the winner.
•Dell Streak 10 - As awesome as always.
•HP TouchPad - Surf up, look forward, get where you need to be fast.
•ASUS Eee Pad Transformer - Tablet or Laptop, your device - your choice.
•Viewsonic ViewPad 10 - Super player, super functional, super efficient.

best tablet computers chart 10 Windows Apple Android Blackberry
pic: 10 best tablet computers chart

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