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Is the best page on the internet good? One man's website says it has it going on

The best page on the Internet is found!

I came across this web site page while looking for something largely unrelated, a man claims he has the best page in the universe and actually the name of his website boldly states that fact, why be bashful when you can be proud for not even the same but a better price.

Who would mind having the best page in the universe. Not only on the Web, not even on the whole Internet but in The Universe!
And if a man has it why not let the whole universe or at least the whole Earth know that he in fact has that.

So not to confuse anyone and have you keep guessing whether the existence of such page is possible and who is the lucky human to possess such item he takes the straightest approach and simply calls things what they are, which in this instance is Thebestpageintheuniverse.

In case someone wants to know exactly why this site page is called that, and if it's true, they can go straight to the source, it's open to all who has a friendly disposition and they can see right there on the spot for themselves, it explains in no uncertain terms that it is the way it is and you can lose your doubts easily like the trees lose their leaves in the fall with no effort.

The site says it did block some folks from viewing it, but that's because they were rather mean for no good reason, so if you are a good citizen and you know it you should fear not, you'll be welcome, no problem.

If you think the page is not as good as it claims you can inform everyone here in the form of a comment why you think it's not what it says it is, and what are the alternatives and we will promptly compare our notes and update everyone in another post on what else is there that is good.

funny sign pet best web page website small penis hairy back man

pic: the best website page on the internet has been announced. funny pet holding sign
small penis hairy back man says he has it

Note that it's you whos opinion matters most when it comes to deciding what is the best page out there. It can be your own page and whoever wants to disagree they can do that and it will not make your page any less great. Just like this man's page doesn't need anybody's consent, it makes no difference at all whether anyone has the same opinion or not.

So be bold and be proud.

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  1. Google has also nice search results.

  2. Hmmmmm.... Very nice article buddy. I really like it and found it very interesting. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. I don't think that there can be any single page that can be best on the web because there are millions of web pages and each has pretains to different industry. however, if you are competing within a similar field then you can give ranking to the pages.