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What is a DoFollow blog? Comments, backlinks, DoFollow, NoFollow

What is a DoFollow blog? What is the difference between DoFollow
and NoFollow?

A dofollow blog is a blog that lets an internet search engine like Google
know there's a link to your blog or web site on the blog when you are leaving a comment and it increases the number of backlinks to your own blog or website. When you are leaving a comment that contains a link to your blog on a nofollow blog, either in your name as a commenter or in the actual comment even though it's a link it's not considered a backlink by the search engine.

DoFollow blog comments backlinks search engine ranking nofollow spam policy
Pic: This is a DoFollow blog.
DoFollow blog increases the number of backlinks to your blog.
Having more backlinks makes your blog more visible and potentially positively affects your blog ranking.

Other people may see a link to your blog in the comment and even click on it but the search engine, Google for example, will not count it as a backlink and will not give it value that would positively affect the ranking of your blog or website.

Having more backlinks to your blog/website makes it more visible to search engines and can bring you more visitors which is desirable to many bloggers and website owners.

The blog you are on right now- is a DoFollow blog, so if you leave a comment on any post on this blog and there's a link back to your blog, it will be considered a backlink by Google and there for the number of your backlinks will be increased.

When you are leaving a comment you should try to say something that would be relevant to the post you are leaving a comment on. Irrelevant or thoughtless comments look and taste spammy and will not be a positive addition to any blog. Most people don't like to see spam on their blogs and will not approve your comment or will remove it later if the blog has a comment policy that allows the comments to be posted right away.

This blog is a dofollow blog where the comments are posted as soon as you leave them, there's no waiting period as when the comments are moderated before they are posted and you don't have to check later to see if your comment was approved. You will see your comment right away, posted and visible to the search engines and other readers. But of course all comments are read by the administrators of the blog and a comment may be removed if it has no meaning or does not refer to the subject of the post it's left on or if it is a comment that looks like advertising more than commenting.

We would not want to remove your comments and we value every single comment we get from our readers, the above explanation is given to describe potential variety of situations and is meant to be helpful to our divers audience and it is a pleasure to have you visit this blog.

Please share your thoughts in the comment area and enjoy more backlinks with this DoFollow blog.

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