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Get paid to party Write stories about parties Have fun weekend ideas

Getting paid to go to parties is a great idea I came up with on the weekend.

Now I just have to figure out where to go and who would pay me for it.

I was sitting home on the weekend thinking what should I do instead of sitting home.
I could go see my friends and then we could go see more of our friends and that would be great and that is what a lot of normal people do on weekends.

You don't have to be invited to any party to have a party to go to. You can create a party right on the spot if there is enough people who wants to do the same. If there's not enough people you can still have a small party, you can have a party for 4,3,2. The number doesn't matter, it's the idea that counts.
Even a party for 1 is an option.

So far all is cool and I started to think about how I can make it more exiting. Yes, having a party is always good and everyone likes it, so how about getting paid doing what you like?

Getting paid to go to parties is something I heard of and never got to really give the idea enough attention because it just didn't sound too serious. But it kept coming to my mind every once in a while when the party subject was on the agenda.

I gave the idea a little more of my attention this time and this is what showed up.

One place that seemed to fit the bill was They offer you a pay for writing short stories about parties in your city.

They do however want you to live in one of these cities:

Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco
Washington, DC


The French Riviera


Hong Kong

The rest is just as simple as that: apply, get approved, go to a party, write a story, get paid.

No guaranties you'll get the job, but it's a start.

To increase the chances of actually getting paid to party, I looked for some more places.
Next was a bunch of places on the Web that don't offer any information other than the one you can't see unless you buy their book where they promise to tell you everything.
More looking and I found some job boards and ad websites where someone would post an ad for a job opportunity that is serving a main purpose of getting your email by contacting them and it would give you not much info at all.

I didn't want to have a totally partyless weekend so I decided to stop looking for a while and just have a party to have fun with my friends. If I find a place that pays me for going to a party I'll go there of course.

If you already found a way to go to a party and get paid please let me know. May be we can even go the  party that pays together and that would really be fun!

I have an idea to make an instruction manual for those who wants to get paid to party. So far I made a front page for it and I hope to fill it up with more pages when I get more information and hands on experience. You are welcome to contribute to this and I'll make a special 'contributors page' that will have contributors listed on it. Or you can become coauthors, whichever position you think you are best for, you can inform everyone here in the comments.

Have you been to any fun party lately?

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pic: get paid to party instruction manual in the making front page

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