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How to cook plantain bananas recipe Pretty fried eatables

fried plantain bananas cooking pretty

Cooking plantain bananas is fairly simple as described in this recipe.
These plantain bananas look pretty decorative, frying is not my favorite method of cooking food but for rare occasion this looks quite appealing.

To prepare this pretty bananas you need:

1 plantain banana half ripe
A pinch of salt
1 tbsp olive oil

Cut banana into 1 inch circles, use a skillet to brown banana circles in olive oil.
Place browned banana circles flat in one layer on aluminum foil and wrap aluminum foil over banana pieces. Pound wrapped in foil banana circles to make them thin.
Add a pinch of salt and fry banana pieces again till brown.

Arrange ready to eat plantain banana circles on a plate for a pretty table piece

This recipe was developed by Au2009

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  2. hahaha not only I just cook, I eat then when it's cooked.
    You know cats do that, LoL

  3. WOW!!! Its look so yummy and crispy, I will definitely try to cook it, thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe