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Agoraphobia Pets-Cats+fellow Dogs not funny picture if you are inside

Agoraphobia is not really for pets but since pets are people too they may sometimes acquire it by strange chance.
What is Agoraphobia anyway? Do you have to know or are you just curious?
In the animal world it is just the same as in the rest of the world.
If you don't go outside you stay inside. I don't know if you can stay in between but if you are inside you are not outside.
Why fear anything like space, or fear anything that's open when there is so much stuff besides open spaces that can be feared? That is a whole another question altogether. One thing is obvious, as long as there is an open space someone will fear it, may just be a pet as well. There's no proof that it's easier on the pets than on humans because they don't have to go shopping and spend a nice sunny day in a shopping mall full of other unfamiliar individuals and buy nothing at the end. Having Agoraphobia is not an easy task.
It's not quite clear if pets catch agoraphobia from their owners or is it the other way around. I will do more research on this situation, then I'll be able to tell if either way is correct and will post more pictures of this cuteness.
Even if you call it disorder it may be really nice to have if it's too cold (aka freezing) outside or if it's too hot ( aka really hot) outside and you have a good air conditioner, a cool room heater and a nice fridge (aka refrigerator) and it's full of treats (aka food) too.
So if you planning on getting it, agoraphobia that is, get a fridge, a ton of treats, some pets like a dog(s) and a cat(s) first. Or you might not enjoy it so much.
Have a happy air conditioned day!

scared dog inside house room fridge
A scared dog inside a fridge/ refrigerator

scared dog inside hand bag
A scared little dog looking from inside a hand bag

scared dog inside house room under table
A scared dog in a room hiding behind a table

scared dog inside house room couch
A scared dog in a room hiding inside a couch

3 scared cats inside house room at door window
3 cats sitting by the door.

Looking outside is nice too.

BRAWG: Agoraphobia Cat. There's more to it than just being a kitty.

Horse Assisted Breeding/ Mating Video.
Breeder Assisted Equine Mating.

running beautiful horse on grass green brown adult pretty

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  1. My my someone's been busy. Yes, there's definitely more to it than being a kitty.

  2. Will see you at the mall :))
    I know it's a big place but someone has to go there...

  3. Amazing how some of the LCCs are going to use such a beautiful terminal. cheap taxi nottingham

  4. Will see you at the mall :))
    I know it's a big place but someone has to go there