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Funny Singers Auditions Best Funny Actors American Idol Competitions

American Idol Competition is amazing for this one reason alone- so many people become famous by participating in auditions without even having any potential to make it to the competition itself.
Those who don't have any chance to win still get enormous amount of viewers and the less talented or the funnier the singer the more fame for him or her in store.

Well it wouldn't be quite right to say 'less talented' because certainly they have talent to entertain and capture the audience. It may not be the singing talent but it's a huge talent of sort.

Whether someone can sing or not as long as they are motivated like the guys and girls in this video they can make it on the best funny singer actor list and it's surely a big deal.

These aspiring singers may just make the best comedians.
They may not be the best singers but they are pretty close to being the best funny actors.
It's not easy to win in a competition like this. But these guys and girls
are definitely winners in their own unique ways.
They make us laugh and they sure deserve a praise for coming out on stage.

funny drawing singers actors competitions weird strange unusual awesome odd laughing
funny laughing singer drawing

I will not marry a man before I get a job.
The funniest 5 year old girl video.

funny marriage job drawing adorable kid girl  video

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  1. Dontcha

    I wish these people performed at barmitzvahs. Excellent find :)

  2. They may be, already. It's a great idea Bronson. This post should help promote their coolness and expand popularity.

  3. I don't think its funny at all, many of the girls want a job before marriage and I think their parents should support their decison instead of bounding them.