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IPod touch finger painting/drawing video Amazing Japanese artist sketches

Amazing pictures created by a Japanese artist using his fingers on an ipod touch

A japanese artist creates amazing paintings, drawings, sketches on his ipod touch using art painting/drawing application and his finger tips.

The artist's name is Seikou Yamaoka, he paints with water colors and oil paints when he is not using his ipod.
He makes beautiful portraits of people- men, women, little children and celebrities.

His kids paintings in water color are sweet, colorful and adorable. The artist has a truly special touch.

Watch this ipod touch woman drawing/ finger painting video

little girl water color painting japanese artist awesome art

picture: little girl water color painting by a japanese artist Atelier Seikou 

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Funny cute cat cartoons animation Man's life under control

Once there was a cat. He had a Man. The man's name was Simon. The cat's name was Simon's cat.

The cat was a cartoon. The man was almost real.
The cartoon cat was animated. Adorable. Cute. Even funny. The man's life was under control.
The cat who owned the man was very controlling. He was cute though. So he would get away with his cat's antiques any time. The man had no say, the man loved his cat. He would do anything any time, regardless. He loved his life with his cat. And the cat loved it too. Although sometimes it was hard for a cat to control his man. But still, it was pretty awesome and the cat would never complain. If he couldn't get something he needed he would just work harder at it and he would get rewarded at the end.

And he was always proud... and hungry...

You need to watch it to believe it...

Man and cat in bed. video

cute cat pet drawing cartoon man cat room

cute cat pet man room drawing cartoon animated man cat

pic: cute cat pet cartoon. Simon and Simon's cat.

Man is sleeping Cat is playing Fly is flying no more.
Cat makes Simon eat a fly. video

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Alkali metals n Water Video Chemical reactions experiment Magically owesome

What are Alkali Metals?

Alkali metals are a group of elements with the ability to be highly reactive when they get in contact with water. They are soft and shiny chemical elements that are listed in the periodic table.

Here's a list of alkali metals:
lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium, francium, hydrogen.

Alkali metals are also good conductors of heat and electricity and they are useful for many different applications.

In this video you can see how highly reactive alkali metals are in water.
The almost magical reaction happens with the use of the last element in this experiment.

alkali metals chemical elements collage lithium sodium potassium rubidium caesium francium hydrogen

pic: alkali metals chemical elements collage

in this post: alkali metals reaction with water experiment video magical reaction of chemical elements periodic table lithium sodium potassium rubidium caesium francium hydrogen